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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pitcher’s Place, ‍‍‍Gores Landing, News Release

There have been some big changes at Pitcher’s Place. People have said it’s palpable. Others have said visible, noticeable, tangible and people can taste the difference.

Here is what’s changed - Allan has moved on and I’m on my own - in the company of some terrific men and women who help me provide a calm service-centred atmosphere, but also they have helped me evolve our cooking style, that comes across more relaxed and at the same, more flavourful.I continue to stick to my vision of providing farm-to-table food and community-driven events, with a focus on supporting local producers.

Pitchers is in a dynamic shift right until further notice we will operate by reservation only — buying what we need to accommodate our reservations. Please reserve by pm/dm or give us a call 905 342 2832. I will be happy to take on your catering, personal/ private cheffing and event needs - at our restaurant or your place.My little kitchen will produce dishes that will fill you and yours with healthy goodness.

Reservations Only: Please remember to reserve for breakfast/ brunch/ lunch/ dinner — come for the food and service, warm glow of candle light, relaxing music, and the chatter of friends, family and neighbours gathering together to sip, eat and relax. I invite you to turn off the hustle and bustle of town life and take the short drive to Gore's Landing for our Canadian comfort cuisine.

Catering: Come to us or we come to you.We welcome all holiday inquiries for custom menus, desserts, cookies, baskets, menu items, events large and small. Please help spread the word every little bit helps, and think of us for all your holiday needs!

We are yours,


shanna layton


Pitchers Place

Shanna Layton

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